Working with Git — GitHub

I decided to make a summary of what I have learnt recently on Git commands for my friends who have been having issues communicating with GitHub. Of course, I can bet that you were not told by your tutor or that your developer friend that…

Keep Going!

Whenever life gets overwhelming, go back and have a re-think about your days. Try your best to fill them in ways that get you a little closer to where you want to be. Go easy on yourself and take your time. Worry less about getting things done. Worry more about things worth doing. Worry less about being a great artist. Worry more about being a good human being who makes art. Worry less about making a mark. Worry more about leaving things better than you found them.

Keep working!

Keep playing!

Keep drawing!

Keep looking!

Keep listening!

Keep thinking!

Keep dreaming!

Keep singing!

Keep dancing!

Keep painting!

Keep sculpting!

Keep designing!

Keep composing!

Keep acting!

Keep cooking!

Keep searching!

Keep walking!

Keep exploring!

Keep giving!

Keep living!

Keep paying attention!

Keep doing your verbs, whatever they may be.

Keep going!

Failure gives you a proper perspective to success!

It seems to me that those who really get to appreciate success are those who lost out at first. …

I have had to try again many times. Many times over!

Thomas Edison’s 10,000 attempts to create a light bulb, Sir James Dyson’s 5,126 attempts to invent a bagless vacuum cleaner; both ended in success.

Harry Potter’s J.K Rowling had failed just about everything she had ever attempted to do…

A success at everything, a pioneer of nothing!

It is easy to be mediocre. Do the same things that brought those who did it before you success. Repeat it over and over again and you’d replicate their success. That’s all!

It was a turn-of-the-century version of the dot-com boom. The…

Ayomide Ibosiola

Software Developer || Copywriter

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