Time changes nothing! Things don’t just stop on their own!

Ayomide Ibosiola
2 min readOct 4, 2022

Contrary to what many people think, time doesn’t change things.

You either get used to the rot bad events have on you, oftentimes an indentation that later builds insecurity in you OR YOU grow above the scars those times leave you. Don’t even think that event left you the way it met you.

The reality is that you must rise to change the negative circumstances around you. Time is a constant. It gives back what you invest in it. You are the tick-tock of time. The moments of peace you seek will not come without a fight, I guarantee.


Why do you feel insecure when good things happen to you? Why do you think these good things just will never last?

Now, let’s kill these thoughts.

actively putting a fight against these gates

“There are voices telling you that

Laying in bed and crying all day is normal.

You’re just an “average teenager.”

It’s just hormones.

That’s just an underestimation.

There are voices telling you that

You are not capable and you cannot beat this.

You’re just an “average teenager.”

It’s just a hopeless cause.

That’s just an underestimation.

You are fighting demons and you’re winning.

To say the fight will be easy

Would be an underestimation

Of the trials and tribulations you’ve endured.

You are fighting demons and you’re winning.

To say you’re a goner

Would be an underestimation

Of the power and value you hold inside.”

Refreshing, Yet so draining?

An escape, Yet a prison?

Keep talking! Affirm only positive things!

Mount a guard at the entrance of your heart!

Do the work… Deal with this uncertainty…
See you on the other side. Off to work too!

PS: My emphasis actually is on the unpleasant things that have happened to us. The human mind doesn’t exactly let go of bad things that happen to us.

These bad things leave a trail, and sometimes build an unhealthy defensive mechanism against… It is not the bad things that are harmful but the after-effect they leave on the bearer.

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